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Immigration Reform – Merit Based Points System- flowchart

As a self-confessed immigration law geek, we promised we will be going through the entire bill. We are keeping our promise. Here is our latest flowchart summarizing the newly proposed Merit Based Points System. Hopefully the chart will be give you a snapshot of the new system.  Feel free to ask any questions you may have!

Merit Based Point System Chart created by Tahmina Watson

Merit Based Point System Chart created by Tahmina Watson

0 thoughts on “Immigration Reform – Merit Based Points System- flowchart

  • Thanks for creating this. I’ve a few questions:

    1) Can people from outside US apply for green card under this merit based points system? Will they be treated similar to people who apply from inside the US?
    2) Any preference given to people who completed their Masters from US university? In a STEM field?
    3) Will there be a limit on how many of these green cards will be allotted under this proposed merit based points system each year?

  • Thanks for asking such great questions!
    1. Yes, people will be able to apply from outside the US. My guess is that the procedure will not be too different to how it is now. Procedurally, cases are processed differently depending on whether the person is inside the US or outside. Likely treatment to be as it is now.

    2. I didn’t see a specific STEM preference in this section. But I understand STEM preference is generally throughout the bill. I hope to pull together all the STEMs in another post soon. Stay tuned for that. In the interim, here is our flowchart on the Invest Visa that clearly has special preference for STEM holders.

    3. Yes, it is all about numbers and how many visas are allocated for each category. I am still getting my head around the numbers and hope to have post on that issue alone, so please stay tuned. If you haven’t signed up to the blog, I invite you to do so. Merit based visas will have a total number of 120,000 visas. There will be a 5% increase if less than 75% visas were used up. No increase if more demand is higher than that. And no increase if unemployment more than 8.5%. Unused visas from previous years will be added to Tier 1 and Tier 2 separately. That’s all for now! Once I have the bigger picture, expect a new visual aid of some sort.

  • Dear Tahmina,
    First of all thanks for your altruist efforts. I want to add one more question. My brother has applied for me in F4 category 4 years back. Meanwhile I have got a PhD offer in a USA university. So will my F4 petition will create any issues for pursuing my PhD? I also want to mention, within this 4 years I took Canadian citizenship.

  • Hello Alok,

    Thanks for the kind words and question. Please send me an email to let me know which country you are from too, and where you currently reside.

    Best, Tahmina

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