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John Beohner Desribes His Job To Jay Leno

As we await the much anticipated ‘immigration principles’, it was interesting to see John Boehner, Speaker of the House, on Jay Leno on January 23rd.  While he described his job generically, I couldn’t help but think how it related to immigration reform.  He said “I like to work with members from both side of the aisle. We have 435 members of the House.   It takes 218 members to pass any bill. I like to describe my job as trying to get 218 frogs on a wheelbarrow long enough to pass a bill.  It is hard to do.”  The imagery of 218 frogs is rather funny, I thought.   Here is the video.  The above remarks start at 3:24/5:00.  But in all seriousness, 218 members who want immigration reform need to be on that wheelbarrow.  You need to call your representative to let them know you want immigration reform.