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Sec. Johnson explains the importance of DHS funding

Sunday February 22, 2015- DHS Secretary Johnson appeared on the TV show Meet the Press. When asked about the possibility of DHS funding coming to a halt soon, he explained that the DHS funding is of utmost important esp. during a time when the national security is at such high threat.  He explained 30 thousand employees face furlough and that many employees will have to work without pay. The southern border, though has record low migration problems, still needs to have the border security agents present.

In my discussions with various people, there is a common misunderstanding. USCIS and immigration services are funded through fees paid by the applicant to the USCIS. The blocked immigration executive action would not be costing the tax payer anything.  Applicants pay fees for their application.  USCIS is a fees-based agency.

So, for anyone thinking immigration executive action should be the cause for blocking DHS funding, should think again. By blocking DHS funding, the United States is being put at risk.

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