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Congressman Adam Smith to appear on Tahmina’s radio show on Desi 1250 am!

Today is a historic day in US immigration history. The Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on President Obama’s immigration executive actions that were announced in November 2014.

On this historic day, I am honored and grateful to announce that our very own US Congressman Adam Smith (WA-9) will appear on my radio show “Immigration with Tahmina” on Desi 1250am on April 24th at 10am PST!  Please tune in at Desi 1250am for this unmissable interview talking about immigration laws and immigration reform.  Congressman Smith has consistently supported immigration reform and is an advocate on these issues.

Congressman Adam Smith- Tahmina pic-cropped

Tahmina Watson and Congressman Adam Smith (and Tahmina’s book “The Startup Visa”).


This is truly an unmissable interview for everyone and especially our Desi 1250am listeners. Learn what you can do to help our elected representatives continue in their mission to help us, particularly on immigration reform! Your voice matters!

Tune in at 10am PST on Tuesday 24th April on your radio at 1250 am or livestream at  The show will be repeated on air at 12:30 pm PST on Friday 26th April.

Thank you to Congressman Adam Smith for taking time out of his incredibly busy schedule. On behalf of myself, the listeners and Desi 1250am, we are honored and grateful!


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