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Importance of Your Comments On The Proposed Entrepreneur Rules- Watch ‘Starting Up in America” documentary

Dear Readers,

For all of you interested in the new proposed rules for entrepreneurs, please ensure you send your comments as soon as possible. Though the deadline is on Monday 10/17, don’t wait until the last minute! Submit your comments by tomorrow!

For anyone wondering why we need an immigration option for entrepreneurs, here is an excellent documentary I just came across. Watch it and share it so others will be moved to comment also. In this documentary, invaluable information is shared first hand from entrepreneurs in Sillicon Valley, describing their immigration challenges as and the need for a Startup Visa.

President Obama announced immigration executive action only because Congress failed to act and he included a Startup Visa alternative for entrepreneurs.  He did his part. We need to do ours by supporting the rules and providing practical comments that will make the rules more effective. I am happy to help anyone who needs some guidance on your comments so feel free to reach out at

Thanks to the documentary makers for creating such an informative piece and enjoy the video “Starting Up in America“!