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USCIS to Publish Final Rule Revising EB-5 Regulations

Tomorrow, 7/24/2019, USCIS and DHS will publish the final rule revising EB-5 regulations. Among other changes, the most significant are that the minimum investment amount has been increased from $500k to $900k (although less than the $1.3M that was initially rumored), the standard investment amount has been increased from $1M to $1.8M, and a mechanism has been introduced that will automatically adjustment the investment amount upward based on inflation every 5 years. The effective date of the rule is11/21/2019; we highly encourage those potentially interested in an EB-5 visa to take action now before these new rules come into effect.  You can call our office at 206-292-5237 or email at


Further commentary will follow shortly after the publication of the final rule tomorrow. In the meantime, please find the unpublished version of the final rule here: Final EB-5 Rule


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