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Startup Visa Series accompanying 2nd Edition book launch TODAY – Guest Brad Feld

We are excited to release the next interview of the “Startup Visa Series” on our popular podcast, Tahmina Talks Immigration. This interview series compliments the launch of the 2nd Edition of The Startup Visa book now available for purchase hereWe would like to thank everyone for their support of the podcast series and the book.

We hope you enjoy listening to experts on startups, entrepreneurship, immigration, and policy from around this world as we advocate for the need for a startup visa in the United States.

Today’s episode features Brad Feld, Foundry Group Partner and Co-Founder of Techstars. Brad has been an early-stage investor and entrepreneur since 1987. Prior to co-founding Foundry Group, he co-founded Mobius Venture Capital and, prior to that, founded Intensity Ventures. Brad is also a co-founder of Techstars. Brad is a writer and speaker on the topics of venture capital investing and entrepreneurship. He’s written a number of books as part of the Startup Revolution series and writes the blog Feld Thoughts. Hope you enjoy listening to this interview as much as I enjoyed interviewing him!

The Startup Visa is officially launched as of today and is available on Amazon and various other book outlets.

This series is sponsored by Joorney Business Plans and Park Evaluations and produced by Cambria Judd Babbitt.