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New Tahmina Talks Episode with Nicole Lockett and Melanie Gladstone

Thank you so much for tuning into Tahmina Talks Immigration, with your host, Tahmina Watson. In this episode, I am honored to speak with Melanie Gladstone, director of Lakewood Playhouse’s performance of The Diary of Anne Frank, and Nicole Lockett, cast member playing Edith Frank. The show runs April 15th to May 8th on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and select Thursdays at the Lakewood Playhouse in Lakewood, Washington. Tickets are available for order HERE.

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Melanie and Nicole discuss the relevance of their run of The Diary of Anne Frank especially given current global crises going on that deal with the persecution of select groups. They talk about the importance of remembering the past as well as seeing ways that historical patterns repeat themselves in the world around us so we can do our best to take action during these dire global issues.