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Tahmina Watson Immigration law update

EB5 visa processing changes implemented on 3.31.2020

EB5 visa applications processing methods have just undergone a significant change in how they are processed. For once, I applaud this administration’s USCIS efforts for a positive outcome.  Instead of first-in, first-out, USCIS will process cases based on visa availability.  This new policy went into effect on March 31, 2020.  As you may know, there[…]

Watson Immigration Law EB-5

EB-5 Visa Changes On The Horizon- No Time To Lose

EB5 regulations are set to be published in their final form soon. While we don’t know what the final rules will say, the minimum investments are likely to increase. In the proposed rules, $500,000 investment in targeted employment areas was set to increase to $1.35 million and $1 million investment was set to increase to[…]

I-751 and I-829 Update

USCIS recently issued a couple of announcements concerning I-751s, petitions to remove conditions on residence. I-751s have recently become extremely backlogged. They now require an interview and take anywhere from 1-3 years to be adjudicated, with most now being adjudicated 13-20 months after filing. Previously, conditional green card holders were only allowed to present their[…]

EB5 New Proposed Rule Increases Investment to $1.3 million & $1.8 million

USCIS made a surprise announcement with a new proposed rule today for EB5s. As many of my readers will know, Congress has tried to make many changes and increase the minimum investment for some time without success. Looks like DHS is taking matters into its own hands. The new proposed rule will be official published[…]

EB5 program extended without change until December 9, 2016

Yesterday, Congress passed a Continuing Resolution to keep the government funded.  During that time, the EB5 program was extended without change until December 9, 2016.  That means, if you hope to file an EB5 application, you have until December 9th to file your petition with the current investment amount. Minimum investment may well increase when[…]

New EB5 Bill Raises Minimum Investment

The EB5 pilot program is up for renewal on September 30th and a new bill was just published today.  I will write more soon. But the immediate headline is that the minimum investment of $500,000 will be increased to $800,000 in this bill. My regular readers will recall last year, Congress had hoped to make[…]

Tahmina in Bloomberg BNA on Entrepreneur Parole (Startup visa alternative)

(Copied from Bloomberg BNA) August 29, 2016 Draft Immigration Rule Would Ease Foreign Entrepreneurs’ Entry FREE TRIAL From Daily Labor Report Daily Labor Report® is the objective resource the nation’s foremost labor and employment professionals read and rely on, providing reliable, analytical coverage of top labor and employment… By Laura D. Francis Aug. 26 —[…]

International Entrepreneurs Rule (Obama’s Startup Visa Alternative)- Detailed Summary by Tahmina

Final International Entrepreneur rules were released on January 13th 2017. Here is my updated blog post. International Entrepreneurs Rule A Simplified Summary by Tahmina Watson On August 26, 2016, USCIS announced proposed new rules for international entrepreneurs in an attempt to create an alternative to a Startup Visa. In a coordinated effort, The White House published an article[…]

Breaking: Obama’s Startup Visa Alternative- Entrepreneur Parole Announced

This morning on August 26, 2016, The White House announced proposed new rules for International Entrepreneurs.  The announcement was followed by a conference call from key White House personnel from the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.  The call discussed the rules and clarified some issues. Below is a summary as published by[…]