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Hippie Haven Podcast Tahmina Watson

Tahmina’s Guest Appearance on Hippie Haven Podcast

It was an absolute delight to appear on the The Hippie Haven Podcast hosted by Callee,business owner and zero waste activist. Read more about Callee below. The interview was recorded several weeks before Covid-19 took over our lives, so we don’t touch on Covid-19 issues. Rather, we discuss the immigration system, how climate refugees will[…]

Tahmina Watson IAWW

COVID-19 and Immigration: Some Insights

I was fortunate enough to be able to provide some insights into Covid-19 effects on immigration.  Here are links to a webinar hosted by the Indian Association of Western Washington (IAWW) and a podcast hosted by Matt Rouse- The Digital Marketing Masters.  Here is a link to the Facebook Live Video.  And here is a[…]

Tahmina Watson Matt Rouse Podcast

Tahmina Talks Immigration & Covid-19 With Matt Rouse

Dear Readers, I had the privilege of being a guest of Matt Rouse, host of the podcast Digital Marketing Masters.  Matt, a Canadian and immigrant to the US asked me some very thoughtful and timely questions regarding the effects of the Coronavirus or Covid-19.  Hope you will listen to this episode and share widely, esp.[…]

Tahmina Watson Scary Mommy

Tahmina Talks Immigration Lawyering and Motherhood in Scary Mommy Article

It is such an honor and privilege to be published in the publication Scary Mommy! My article “Being a Mother Makes Me a Better Immigration Attorney” was published today.  Please do read and share widely. I know you will all relate as will your friends and family.  


Tahmina Watson Interviewed on Podcast- And Then Everything Changed, Hosted By Ronit Plank

It was such an honor to be interviewed by Ronit Plank, host of And Then Everything Changed, a podcast. Ronit is a skillful interviewer, author, producer and storyteller, and her podcast is an intimate and profound conversation with her guest. In this case, the guest is Tahmina! It was really fun to record this interview![…]

Tahmina Watson Podcast CQP

#PublicCharge #90DayFiance #TravelBan & More: Tahmina Talks Immigration with CQP Moments Podcast

Listeners and Readers, If you are still scratching your head regarding #PublicCharge and what it means, listen to this podcast! It is just by chance that this interview we recorded last week was released on Monday 27th January 2020, as the Supreme Court allowed public charge to go ahead. @CouponQueenPin is the host of the[…]

Tahmina Watson Martine Kalaw

Tahmina Talks Immigration With Author Martine Kalaw

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of interview Martine Kalaw on our radio-show-turned-podcast, Tahmina Talks Immigration. She is the author of “Illegal Among Us“.  I first met Martine in the summer of 2019 when she was the keynote speaker and award recipient of the American Immigration Council Heritage Award.  Her story is so[…]

Tahmina on Lawyers Who Rock Podcast

Tahmina Talks Immigration with Lawyers Who Rock-Podcast

It was an absolute honor and privilege to appear on the popular legal podcast Lawyers Who Rock, hosted by renowned rock media lawyer Joleen Hughes! Joleen represents a lot of stars in the media industry, among others. The episode will be released soon, stay tuned!Thank you Joleen for talking immigration with me and having me[…]

Tahmina Watson & Noah Purcell

Tahmina Talks Immigration with WA Solicitor-General Noah Purcell Who Argued The First Travel Ban Case

It was an honor to interview Washington State’s fearless Solicitor-General Noah Purcell who argued the first travel ban lawsuit and won! Noah discusses the events leading up to the lawsuit and the aftermath, as well many of the other immigration actions he has taken on behalf of the WA Attorney General’s office. Listen to our[…]

Tahmina Watson Sincerely America

Tahmina Talks Immigration with team of Sincerely America, a play telling immigrant stories.

Dear readers, listeners and viewers, here is our latest podcast! Hope you will listen and share widely.  Sincerely America is a play about immigrant stories in today’s America. More information about the play can be found at   We are so proud to say that our very own Nicole Lockett will be acting in[…]