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This article is reprinted from Little India Magazine.  Shiwani Srivastava and Amy Bhatt research and investigate the repercussions of the financial crisis on Indian H1b visa holders.  Tahmina Watson is quoted in this article.

As their fate becomes increasingly uncertain, a growing number of Indian immigrants are packing up and heading home.
Shiwani Srivastava and Amy Bhatt
As the unemployment rate edges perilously close to 9%, the highest in 25 years, foreign professionals have become the frontal casualties of the U.S. recession. Since nearly 40 percent of all H-1B visa holders are from India, the mounting layoffs are hitting Indian American professionals particularly harshly.Niraj Sathaye (name changed to protect identity), an H-1B visa consultant for a major New York City firm, is among the tens of thousands of Indian professionals whose life has been upended by the current financial crisis. Sathaye was laid off in February, forcing him and his wife to sell or give away possessions that were too big to carry, and return to Mumbai from Jersey City in a matter of weeks.

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