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Tahmina Watson Immigration law update

Cuccinelli Announces USCIS’ FY 2019 Accomplishments and Efforts to Implement President Trump’s Goals

Today, USCIS released a self-congratulatory statement emphasizing its FY 2019 statistics and accomplishments, particularly in the context of implementing and enforcing Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda. Acting Director Ken Cuccinelli praised the agency’s “significant steps to mitigate loopholes in our asylum system, combat fraudulent claims, and strengthen the protections we have in place.” Of course, those of[…]

Tahmina Watson Immigration law update

USCIS Clarifies Special Immigrant Juvenile Classification to Better Ensure Victims of Abuse, Neglect and Abandonment Receive Protection

Yesterday, USCIS announced that it was clarifying requirements for the Special Immigrant Juvenile (SIJ) classification. Mainly, USCIS is now requiring concrete evidence of a court’s intervention to provide relief from abuse, neglect, or abandonment, to ensure that the SIJ classification is not being used as a vehicle to obtain an immigration benefit. Needless to say,[…]

Tahmina Watson Immigration law update

“Public Charge” Rule ENJOINED Nationwide

Friday afternoon saw the judicial hammer dropped, as the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York issued a nationwide preliminary injuction against the Department of Homeland Security’s proposed “Public Charge” rule, which was set to take effect in mere days. A much welcome victory on the immigration front, the decision saw[…]

Breaking: Public Charge Rule Enjoined

Breaking news: The New AG’s office just tweeted that the public charge rule has been enjoined nation wide. Tweet copied below. More to share in due course.   NY AG James @NewYorkStateAG BREAKING: We’ve secured a nationwide preliminary injunction to BLOCK Trump’s Public Charge Rule from taking effect. This rule would have had devastating impacts[…]

Tahmina Watson Immigration law update

Presidential Proclamation To Deny Immigration For Not Having Health Care

As if the implementation of ‘public charge’ rules on October 15, 2019 wasn’t enough, late Friday evening on October 4, 2019, Trump drops a new proclamation to deny cases for those who do not have healthcare. The text of the proclamation can be found below, copied from the White House website. This is absolute insanity[…]

Tahmina Watson Immigration law update

The Perils of “Public Charge”

On October 15th 2019, the processing of immigration cases will turn on its head. It’s no exaggeration. With the introduction of ‘public charge’ by way of form I-944 (declaration of self-sufficiency), the green card adjudication process will face it’s biggest change since immigration began. In family-based cases, not only will people have to file the[…]

Tahmina Watson Immigration law update

October 2019 Visa Bulletin Commentary

After a longer than usual wait, the October 2019 Visa Bulletin was just released today. It was a bit of a mixed bag, with certain categories experiencing significant advancement, returning to priority dates from earlier this year, and some unanticipated retrogression. The most disappointing development was EB1 India, which only returned to its 1 January[…]