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Tahmina Watson The Startup Visa

Tahmina’s latest book “US Immigration Visa Guide for Startups and Founders” to release on July 4th- Preorder now

We are so proud to announce Tahmina’s newest book will release on July 4th 2023! The book is available on preorder on Amazon already! Currently on preorder on Kindle, but[…]

Self-employed H1B & other U.S. immigration visas for startups: Workshop on January 5th, 2023 at 4pm PST

If you or anyone you know has been laid off while on a work visa, this workshop is for you. Please feel free to share widely.    

Gavin Johnson
Jeremy Neufeld

New Startup Visa Podcast Inspired by Book! Episode 2 Out Now

Episode 2: Jeremy Neufeld, Senior Immigration Fellow, Institute for Progress In this episode of the Startup Visa Podcast, I am honored to speak with Jeremy L. Neufeld, Senior Immigration Fellow[…]

New Startup Visa Podcast Inspired by Book! Episode 1 Out Now

Tahmina host of new Startup Visa Podcast! US immigration laws are one of the biggest challenges for startups trying to enter the US market. This podcast is about US immigration[…]