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New book on startup visas aims to keep the US globally competitive



New book on startup visas aims to keep the US globally competitive

SEATTLE, WA—There are two immutable facts about immigration in America.

The first is that immigrant workers with leading-edge skills, such as those in technology, are essential to the United States maintaining leadership status in the global economy. The second is that the byzantine process for bringing these international workers and entrepreneurs to the United States seriously jeopardizes this status.

Tahmina Watson’s newest book, the number one best seller on Amazon,  The Startup Visa: U.S. Immigration Visa Guide for Startups and Founders, provides a clear and carefully considered path for navigating the confusing alphabet soup of these visas (O-1, ED-1, NIW, E-2, L-1) in accessible, conversational language. For the companies, universities, and venture capitalists who are seeking to bring these international workers to the US, Watson’s book serves as an indispensable—and upbeat–guide.

Watson, a recognized expert in startup visas, has helped bring hundreds of successful startups and millions of dollars of business investments into the US. She is herself an émigré from the U.K  (and naturalized citizen) whose Seattle firm, Watson Immigration Law, has been in the forefront of this field since its 2009 founding. The Startup Visa follows her earlier and popular book on the subject, with up-to-date information and strategies for successfully traversing the visa terrain.

Watson also offers solutions for fixing this aspect of the immigration process. “While ultimately the ‘fix’ is in the hand of our lawmakers, in the absence of a new visa category for startups, we must apply the law as it stands. This new book will provide immigration strategies for the startup life cycle as well as insights on visa options.” she says. Read her Seattle Times OpEd about why she wrote this book. Additionally, Forbes and Reason Magazine highlight the book.

Earlier this year Watson, who was recently named the 2023 WSBA APEX Norm Maleng Leadership Award recipient, previewed The Startup Visa for audiences at the annual SXSW conference in Austin.

“The startup community has needed this book for a long time. There is no one more qualified or committed than Tahmina to deliver it.” says Brad Feld, Founder, Techstars and author of Venture Deals and an early reader.

The Startup Visa : US Immigration Visa Guide for Startups and Founders was released on July 4th as an e-book, paperback and hardcover.



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