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The Startup Visa: US Immigration Visa Guide for Startups and Founders- RELEASED!!

We are all so excited at Watson Immigration Law this morning!! To celebrate America-and it’s entrepreneurial spirit- our latest book just launched today!

The Startup Visa: US Immigration Visa Guide for Startups and Founders is an easy-to-read guidebook for those who want to understand simply what visa options might work for them and how to prepare. Tahmina’s editor Mim Harrison said it best- this book is written with ‘human-ease’!  Here is the book trailer, thanks to the brilliant work for TJ Productions in the UK.

The book is available as an ebook and in paperback. If you purchased the ebook before, it likely has dropped to your Kindle or other platform already!

We are so honored that The Seattle Times published Tahmina’s OpEd today! If you are in WA, we hope you will get the hardcopy of the newspaper. Such a big deal to have this book and OpEd out there on launch day! Additionally, renowned immigration policy analyst and Forbes Columnist Stuart Anderson highlights the book in his piece this week. Journalist Fiona Harrigan was very kind in mentioning the book in Reason Magazine, a policy-focused publication. And, Claire Parson, attorney and bestselling author of ‘How to Be a Badass Lawyer” wrote a generous interview on her blog The Brilliant Mind

Who should read this book, you say?

  • International students who want to navigate the visa system or want to start their own companies
  • Investors, venture capitalists, angel investors- those who are investing in startups
  • Anyone in the startup ecosystem
  • Regional economic development policy leaders
  • Anyone who wants to open a business in the US
  • employers/startups looking to recruit foreign talent.

We would love your help with the following:

  1. Please buy a copy- whichever works- for you, your friend, or anyone who needs to read this. 
  2. If would be willing to write a review on Amazon, that would be amazing, thank you! Potential readers can only find us with reviews, and your help is paramount. 
  3. Please share the word of this book widely. 
  4. Share the links to any of the above media pieces- they each contain vital and informative news items.

We know this will be an impactful book and I cannot wait to see how the journey will unfold.

Happy 4th of July 4th!

The Team at Watson Immigration Law!

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