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NSC Provides Tip on Completing New G-28

A new version of Form G-28, Notice of Appearance was issued by the government. It is a little different from the old version.  Here is guidance on how to complete it.

The NSC has advised the NSC-AILA liaison committee that attorneys and representatives should complete Part 3 of the new G-28 form not only with the attorney or representative name in the section entitled, “Name of Attorney or Accredited Representative,” but also with the law firm or organization name as part of the section entitled, “Complete Address of Attorney or Organization of Accredited Representative” (in addition to the full mailing address). This will avoid a return by the USPS of any mailings sent to attorneys or representatives to the NSC, if an incomplete address prevents the USPS from delivering the mail from the NSC. The NSC liaison committee advises that this practice should be applied across all USCIS filings where a G-28 is required, as it will help to avoid delays in mailings from any USCIS service center or office.