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President Obama’s immigration reform speech- summary

Watson Immigration Law welcomes our president’s speech on Immigration reform. Here is a summary of what he said at 12:30 PST in Texas on Tuesday May 10, 2011:

 Our President, President Obama, said that he is committed to comprehensive immigration law.  He said “Yes, We Can” and the crowded chanted with him. He said that comprehensive immigration reform would encompass 4 issues:

  1. Secure our borders and enforce the law.
  2. Hold businesses accountable for exploiting undocumented workers.
  3. Hold illegal people responsible for breaking the law and make them pay taxes, go through background checks. They must go through a lengthy process before legalization (we all know undocumented people pay taxes!).
  4. Reform legal immigration.

 He said that he wanted the best and brightest students that come to the US to study, to stay here and start their businesses. He gave the example of Google and other businesses that generated over 200,000 jobs in the US. He said he wants more of those jobs and he wants to provide that opportunity for businesses to start.  (Let’s hope the EB6 visa goes through soon!).

 He continued to say that he wants firms to be able to hire legal workers and that for the legal workers to have a path to obtain legal status.

 Obama stated that he wants to reform the current system to reunite families quicker and not to keep them separated.  He said that we are America and that “[w]e can do better than that!”.

He stated he wants the Dream Act to pass to allow innocent young people not to be punished for their parents actions. He is committed to passing the Dream Act.

 He said he wants a civil debate to continue but reminded people that change has to be driven by the people.  He said “[y]ou have to push for comprehensive immigration reform.” He wants the people to identify steps that need improving so that there can be common ground between the democrats and republicans to agree on reform.

He implored people to add their voices.  Go to to make your voice heard. He said “[w]e need a movement from coast to coast!”

 Watson Immigration Law is delighted to hear this speech and feels more optimistic about a reform sooner rather later. Please have your voice heard and go the White House website. Let us all have our voices heard and help make comprehensive Immigration reform a reality!