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January 2012 Visa Bulletin Commentary

The Department of State released the January 2012 visa bulletin today.  Here are comments about the categories that most of my clients and readers are waiting to see:

For all countries except India, China, Philippines and Mexico: F2A preference advances 32 days to priority date (PD) 22 April 2009; F2B preference advances 25 days to PD 8 September 2003; F4 advances 32 days to PD 15 August 2000; EB2 remains current and EB3 advances 18 days to PD 1 February 2006.

For India only: F2A moves forward 32 days to PD 22 April 2009; F2B moves forward 25 days to PD 8 September 2003; F4 advances 32 days to PD 15 August 2000; EB2 advances 9 months and 18 days (wow!) to PD 1 January 2009 and EB3 advances 7 days to 8 August 2002.

Please note that the Department of State has commented that since the EB2 preference category has advanced signficantly at the moment, it does increase the potential for retrogression later in the year. It is hoped that the advancement will allow the opportunity to use all numbers available in the annual limit. Please see previous post for verbatim comments.

As I always say, no retrogression is good news! We’ll post updated news about the February 2012 visa bulletin when it is out.

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  • Thank you for this post.. Is there any possibility that priority date of February 7, 2006 be covered in the next bulletin (February 2012).?

    Thank you and more power

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