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May 2012 Visa Bulletin Predictions- Edited

Dear Readers, thanks for all the emails and sorry for incomplete information.  Below is completed information as well as a snapshot of the chart provided at the AILA meeting.  Please remember that these are predictions only. What the bulletin will actually say remains to be seen- Tahmina.

Yesterday, the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) published the projections of visa cut-off dates provided by the Department of State. This is what they said “In response to questions about projected priority date movement for the remainder of FY2012 posed during the AILA Spring CLE on March 30, 2012, Charlie Oppenheim, DOS Chief of Immigrant Visa Control and Reporting, provided a chart with projected visa number movement based on recent patterns of USCIS number use, which recently have seen dramatic fluctuations”.

Projections for May-July 2012 for the categories our readers are interested in are as follows:

Family based worldwide: F2A- upto 2.5 months (from April VB at 8 October 2009), F2B- 3-6 weeks (from April 2012 VB 15 January 2004), F4- 3-5 weeks (from April 2012 VB 8 November 2000).

Employment- based: EB2 PD Current except China and India retrogression of the cut-off date to 15 August 2007, EB3 worldwide 3-5 weeks and India up to 2 weeks.

The May 2012 visa bulletin will be published in the next few days. We will be posting updates as usual in due course.

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  • Hope the employment based 3rd preference movement will be consistent and no more retrogression please!

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