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What new immigration law?

immigration2usaIn the past few weeks, I have received many calls from people asking whether they can apply for the ‘new law’.  I find myself wondering what they are referring to- deferred action for childhood arrival (DACA)? Or, the new provisional waiver policy for people who can apply for waivers within the US?

I have to ask more questions before I can discern they mean comprehensive immigration reform. Inevitably, I say, “Oh! I am so sorry, but there is no ‘new’ immigration law that will allow you to get a green card – yet.”   I suggest that they keep watching they news and call back when any new law does in fact pass.

But I don’t blame them for the confusion.  There is so much discussion and speculation about what the Senate Gang of Eight are negotiating and what the House bill will look like, why won’t they be confused?  From discussions about the House allowing a possible three paths to citizenship, to a new low-skilled worker visa, to visits to the border to assess border security, even I am tired of listening to what may or may not happen.

At this juncture, a unique moment in history where there is real promise of immigration reform, we need action now.  It is time that the Senate and the House should present their bills. Enough negotiations.  There is no doubt that even when a bill is finally presented, negotiations will continue. It is likely there will be heated and emotional debates before there is a final bill.  A quarter of the year has passed already just to put pen to paper. Who knows how much time will be necessary to fight the bill. So waste no more time! I urge Congress to take action and present the bills. Let the debates begin!