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Wondering when you will see your FY 2014 H1b receipt if you ‘won’ the lottery?

H1b visa picOn April 7th 2013, USCIS conducted a computer generated random selection of all the FY 2014 H1b petitions they received.  They first conducted the random selection of all the Master’s category petitions (20,000).  The petitions that were not selected were then entered in the regular pool which was in turn subject to the same random selection.

On Monday April 8th, reports started to trickle that those who filed via premium processing had started to receive email receipts for their petitions. However, this is just for docketing purposes.  Premium processing on all cap-subject H1b petitions will start from April 15th, and not before. If you filed an H1b using premium processing, you should expect an e-receipt soon.

I have not heard anything about regular processing yet. My guess is it will take a few weeks to get to those. It may take even longer to learn that your petition did not make the selection.

I will post updates as I learn more. Good luck.

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