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Great summary of immigration reform bill in The Seattle Times- includes our client!

Another front page immigration story and it features our client! Thank you Sridhar Katta for having your voice heard and thank you Lornet and Kyong for taking the time to learn this complex bill and providing such a great summary! To all interested in immigration reform- please have your voice heard- call your representatives, they need to hear from you! They keep a list of yay/nay calls and mostly nay calls are being made. Immigration reform needs your support!


Here is a link to the story. 

0 thoughts on “Great summary of immigration reform bill in The Seattle Times- includes our client!

  • “The sibling and adult married children categories being eliminated by this bill represent just under 100,000 green cards a year.

    Family members already in the pipeline would benefit in the short-term; their wait would be shortened as changes in other family categories free up more green cards” is this a fact or an opinion, somebody help with an answer

  • Please the technicalities doesn’t suit me…please just answer in words – clear and concise. I am F4 category approved and awaiting a visa number, yet to go for the health check and interview with a priority date of 28 Feb. 2002. WHAT WILL BE MY FAITH WHEN CIR IS PASSED…can you please answer this like a doctor will do to a sick patient…Am I going to DIE or NOT…do get to immigrate or Not assuming I don’t qualify for any other category. Thanks.

  • LOL. Thanks for clarifying your preference category 🙂

    As an F4 applicant with an approved petition, your petition will likely speed up (we will have to see where that ends up in the DOS visa bulletin). If you are in the US, you might be able to apply through the Track 2 merit based system (see previous post about 5 yr pending petitions). If you are outside the US, you could visit the US under a V-visa for 60 days at a time.

    If you are worried your application will disappear- that will not happen. People will not be able to file future petitions.

    (Please note that no client-attorney relationship is created from this post)

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