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Tahmina Discusses Potential EB6 visa at “Invest in America” Conference in Miami

The Minority Chamber of Commmerce in Miami held an informative and educational event on Investment options in the United States. Called the “Invest in America” conference, the event was attended by many individuals, owners of corporations and foreign citizens to learn about options to invest in the US.  The speakers for the event were all outstanding and included personnel from the Department of State Entrepreneur program, Washington DC established organizations that assist entrepreneurs and leaders that assist entrepreneurs with business development.  A complete list of speakers can be found at this link. .  I was very honored and grateful to be part of a distinguished panel of experts.

At the conference, I discusseded the potential new visa for entrepreneurs and the Senate bill provisions regarding the X-visa and EB6 visa under the heading of Invest visa.  Since I was in Florida, I highlighted statistical findings by the Immigration Policy Center regarding signficant contributions made by immigrant entrepreneurs in that state.

All those who attended were invested in helping their clients and colleagues in finding options to open businesses in the US.  This conference was certainly a great gathering of likeminded people.  Here are some highlights from the event.  Thank you Minority Chamber of Commerce the honor.