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Congressman Hastings Supports Immigration Reform!

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I had the distinct privilege to represent at a meeting with Congressman Hastings (R) this week. In a meeting organized by the Washington Compact, various organizations were represented, including One America.  At the meeting, Congressman Hastings said he supports immigration reform and a pathway to citizenship.  This is wonderful news to hear and I commend the Congressman for his support for immigration reform.  I thank the Congressman for taking some time out from his busy schedule.

To everyone who wants immigration reform: You still need to act! Your Congressman/woman needs to hear from you loud and clear and consistently (until we get immigration reform passed).  Your Congressman/woman will be able to report back to Congress and say I received x-amount of calls/emails/letters supporting immigration reform. He/she needs to prove with numbers that the constiuency wants immigration reform.  So act now! Your voice must be heard!

To that end, just launched an app that will make contacting your congressman much easier.  See my previous post.  Push4Reform will direct you to your own Congressman/woman.  Please use the app and get your voice heard.  It is ever more important to do it now!

Let us know that you have done it! Let’s be the 12th Man for Immigration Reform!

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