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June 2014 Visa Bulletin Commentary

visa-passport blog picThe June 2014 Visa Bulletin was released today.  Retrogrssion in F2A and EB3 all countries categories. 

Here is what my readers are looking for:

For all countries except India, China, Philippines, and Mexico: F2A retrogressed1 year and 4 months to 1 May 2012, F2B preference advanced 60 days with PD at 1 April 2007;  F4 category advanced 7 days to PD at 15 December 2001;  EB2 is current and, and EB3  has retrogressed  1 years and 6 months to PD at 1 April 2011.

For India only:  F2A retrogressed1 yeas and 4 months to 1 May 2012, F2B preference advanced 60 days with PD at 1 April 2007;  F4 category advanced 7 days to PD at 15 December 2001; there is still no movement in EB2 preference category and EB3 sees some forward movement of 14 days taking us to priority date 15 October 2003.

While there was warning of retrogression last month, it is always hard to see it in black and white.  Please see below for message from Department of State regarding further possible retrogression.

We will report on the July 2014 visa bulletin when it is released.

Important text from the June 2014 visa bulletin below.


The cut-off date for the Family F2A category was advanced at a very rapid pace during fiscal year 2013 in an effort to generate demand to use all numbers available under the annual limit. Those movements have resulted in a dramatic increase in the level of applicant demand being received during the past seven months. This has required the retrogression of the Family F2A cut-off date for June in an effort to hold number use within the annual numerical limit. Further retrogression cannot be ruled out should demand by applicants with very early priority dates continue to increase.

Despite a previous retrogression, the level of demand has remained excessive, resulting in a further retrogression of this cut-off date to hold number use within the annual limit.

Employment Third, and Third Other Workers:
The unexpected and dramatic increase in demand being received from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service Offices during the past several months has resulted in number use approaching the annual limit for this category. As a result, it has been necessary to retrogress the Worldwide, China, and Mexico cut-off dates for the month of June.

Notices were included in several Visa Bulletins during the past year alerting readers to the possibility of such retrogressions. While corrective action in some categories has become necessary earlier than was anticipated based on the information available earlier, it is hoped that readers are not caught off guard by these retrogressions.