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Breaking News: October Visa Bulletin Filing PD Retrogresses!

Dear Readers, if you are happily getting ready to file your Adjustment of Status package, halt right now and go check the revised visa bulletin. The DOS has just retrogressed important dates.

You can visit our previous post to see the old PDs. 

EB2 India retrogresses to July 1, 2009

EB2 China retrogresses to January 1, 2013

EB3 Philippines retrogresses to January 1, 2010

This is no doubt frustrating for many of you that have paid in time and costs to get ready to file next week.  The Administration is obviously trying to work out the best way to process the new procedures.  In fact, USCIS cancelled a stakeholder meeting on this issue a couple of weeks ago.

I suggest you do two things:

  1. Call your Congressman/Senator and complain.
  2. Hold on to your petitions

Things are influx and can still change. As an optimist, I hope change for the better as soon as the Administration can work this out.  Remember, this is a huge change that will affect many other things too.  So, still be happy that change is in the making.

For those of you who can file, be ready to file as soon as you can!

Good luck.

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