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Announcing Radio Show- Immigration Matters With Tahmina Watson!

We are thrilled to announce that Tahmina will add radio-show-host to all her activities! Desi 1250 AM is a brand new radio station that launched about 2 weeks ago in the Seattle-Tacoma area.  The station will be dedicated to South Asian listeners only.  It is so wonderful to have Bollywood music at your fingertips!  Tahmina will be hosting a Talk Show on immigration law on Desi 1250 AM.
“Immigration Matters with Tahmina Watson”– will be a 30 minutes talk show discussing the latest news and issues in US immigration laws. It will feature interviews with notable people who have made an impact on immigration law or are notable immigrants themselves. Listeners will also have the opportunity to call-in and get answers to their immigration questions. The show will provide a fresh way to learn about important US immigration law developments.

We hope you will spread the word of this new radio station that will be a great addition to the local South Asian community.  Fear not those of you who are not local- you can listen live on the website

Please spread the word about Tahmina’s radio show “Immigration Matters with Tahmina Watson” and tune in every Tuesday at 10 am starting October 13th.  We hope to be able to archive the shows here on our blog in case you don’t get to listen live.

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