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Read Tahmina’s H-1B Article Published in the King County Bar Bulletin on April 1st

H1b visas have come under intense scrutiny by this administration. Read my article “The Fast-Changing Landscape of H-1B Visas” published in the King County Bar Bulletin April 1, 2018 edition.  It is the first time KCBA has published my writing- I am excited and proud. Readers and listeners may recall my recent blog post that I was nominated to be on the KCBA board this June. KCBA is an exemplary organization that demonstrates what bar associations can achieve with good intention, strong leadership, and passionate members. I hope you will read more about KCBA here. In the meantime, below are some images of my article that’s the lead story of this edition.  The article is behind a paid wall at the moment. Find someone who is a member if would really like to read it!

KCBA Bar Bulletin screen shot

KCBA bar bulletin front page image