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Breaking News: USCIS NTA Memo Suspended

This morning, USCIS suspended the NTA memo issued on June 28th which we wrote about at the time. The policy is postponed until operational guidance is issued. We will keep you posted as this issue develops. This is a big relief for the moment but important to understand that this will likely be implemented soon.  See below for an update from USCIS:

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Updated Guidance on the Implementation of Notice to Appear Policy Memorandum

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Policy Memorandum 602-0050.1, Updated Guidance for the Referral of Cases and Issuances of Notices to Appear (NTAs) in Cases Involving Inadmissible and Deportable Aliens, was issued on June 28, 2018 and instructed USCIS components to create or update operational guidance on NTAs and Referrals to ICE (RTIs), to be issued within 30 days of the Policy Memorandum. Issuance of the operational guidance is pending; therefore the implementation of PM 602-0050.1 is postponed until the operational guidance is issued.




Last Reviewed/Updated: 07/30/2018