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Seattle Globalist’s Alex Stonehill hosts Tahmina Talks Immigration!

I am proud and thrilled to let you know that Alex Stonehill, cofounder of The Seattle Globalist and I have teamed up to bring a series of Tahmina Talks Immigration podcasts!  We will be focusing on the fast and furiously changing immigration policies affecting so many in our community.  Some of these changes are drastic and it is likely many affected are not aware of the implications.  Changes are occurring in all areas of immigration- asylum laws, students visas, work visas, and much more.

Alex Stonehill is Head of Creative Strategy for the UW’s Communication Leadership Master’s Program. He has a background as a visual journalist and has reported from over a dozen countries, including Syria, Ethiopia and Pakistan. He’s been teaching journalism and storytelling at UW and in youth education programs for nearly a decade. He’s also co-founder of The Seattle Globalist and served as Editor-in-Chief from 2012-2016. He joined the board in July 2017.

Alex has appeared on Tahmina Talks Immigration as a guest in the past.  For this immigration news series, Alex will be interviewing and discussing immigration changes with me!  We are excited to bring you this series!

The shows will be available on Tahmina Talks Immigration podcasts available on Itunes or any other podcast app. Download the podcast app and subscribe to get automatic updates.  In addition, ‘like’ the TTI Facebook Page to learn about upcoming topics.

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A huge thank you The Seattle Globalist and to Alex Stonehill for their passion about bringing news updates to the community but also for the special interest in immigration issues.

Our first episode is out already! This episode focuses on drastic changes in student visa policies and how the government will seek to render international students out of status. If you are or know someone who is an international student, please listen and share with your friends.