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U.S. Considering Possible H-1B Quota for Indian Nationals

The U.S. is apparently considering imposing a percentage cap on H-1B visas for nations that force foreign companies to store data locally. It appears that India would be the first victim of such a policy, if it were ever promulgated. The threat comes in the wake of heightened tensions between the two countries, particularly over U.S. companies’ opposition to India’s controversial policies and rules on data storage. The H-1B quota would impose a 10% or 15% limit of the 85,000 H-1B visas issued annually; Indian nationals currently use up approximately 70% of that number.


While this possible quota is still in the early stages, and is only being considered at the moment, it is still a cause for great concern. Currently there is no per-country limitation on H-1B visas, and the regs appear silent on the issue of imposing country specific quotas. We will have to remain vigilant and track the progress of this news carefully.


Please see this Reuters article published today for more information.


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