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Watson Immigration Law’s 10th Anniversary Pro Bono Fest- a Huge Success!

Tahmina Watson 10th anniversary2019 is the 10th anniversary of Watson Immigration Law!

We initially wanted to throw a big party in celebration and invite everyone we know. But as we searched the soul of ‘us’, we realized that this is an opportunity for us to spread even more goodness in the world. With fast changing immigration policies leading to new complexities in seemingly simple cases, denials of cases that would have been approved in the past and with all policies leading to detention and immigration court, we decided that a pro bono fest would be the most impactful way to celebrate.

We set aside two full days and had consultations with people all day long. It took considerable time to organize the pro bono fest but we are so happy we did. We hope all who attended, near and far (as far as Myanmar and beyond!), both in person and on the phone, benefited from the advice they received.

We thank all our clients for the privilege of serving them over the last ten years. We thank our blog readers, book readers, podcast listeners, social media followers, colleagues and friends for all their support and love.

We hope to continue to be of service to others, with your support, during these challenging times, both to our clients and our community.

Thank you from the entire Watson Immigration Law team!

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