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Tahmina Talks Immigration With Author Martine Kalaw

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of interview Martine Kalaw on our radio-show-turned-podcast, Tahmina Talks Immigration. She is the author of “Illegal Among Us“.  I first met Martine in the summer of 2019 when she was the keynote speaker and award recipient of the American Immigration Council Heritage Award.  Her story is so inspiring. Suddenly orphaned as a young woman, she accidently found that she was undocumented in the US. Her story is one of grit and determination of fighting through the opaque US immigration court system to ultimately acquiring US citizenship. I hope you will listen to this compelling story.

And while you listen to her interview, please do think about the thousands of little children who have to attend immigration court without any legal representation at all.  And if that moves you, check out the non-profit I help found- WIDEN– we train and mentor non-immigration lawyers to provide legal representation in the immigration courtroom (

Tahmina Watson Martine Kalaw