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#PublicCharge #90DayFiance #TravelBan & More: Tahmina Talks Immigration with CQP Moments Podcast

Tahmina Watson Podcast CQPListeners and Readers,

If you are still scratching your head regarding #PublicCharge

and what it means, listen to this podcast! It is just by chance that this interview we recorded last week was released on Monday 27th January 2020, as the Supreme Court allowed public charge to go ahead.

@CouponQueenPin is the host of the podcast #QCPmoments. I was interviewed by QP and her cohost Angelica

What was so interesting about this interview was that they are die hard viewers/fans of 90 Day Fiance, the popular reality TV show on TLC. Angelica and QP asked me a lot of questions based on what they saw on TV and it was a really fabulous interview! So educational and informative for people to understand the basics of family-based immigration.

More importantly, Public Charge had not been allowed by the SCOTUS yet but I explain it all in anticipation of the news (not that I really thought the SCOTUS would do what they did). I hope you will listen to this podcast and share widely.