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Dawn of a New Era: Congratulations America!

Kamala Harrisa Tahmina WatsoOn this grey morning in Seattle on Monday 9th November 2020, the outlook has never been brighter! The last four years were difficult to say the least.  While the fabric of our society was affected to its core, the soul of the nation came through to save democracy. And rejoicing we are!

Though almost every right has been under assault, immigration has been at the forefront of it all.  We are all witnesses to some of the most horrific human rights violations in modern America- case in point- separating babies from their mothers.

It will not be easy but change is on the horizon and we will continue to be the voices for our clients and communities!

It is worth telling you all that I am so proud that I persevered and wrote my book this (quarantine) summer, overcoming many obstacles, and published right before the election in October. The book documents the work I have done as well as other lawyers who stepped up beyond their day jobs to protect the rule of law. I am so proud the book became an instant bestseller!! And this weekend, after selling out at my local independent book store Island Books on Mercer Island, WA, the book is now holding a beautiful spot next to the book of our Vice-President Elect Kamala Harris!!  Here is the photo!

A new era is upon us! Celebrate now and be prepared to work with us in the near future so we can be part of comprehensive immigration reform!

Kamala Harrisa Tahmina Watso