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Happy Holidays from All of Us at Watson Immigration Law!

It’s been a challenging year, no doubt. But at least we are still standing! Thank you to all our clients, colleagues and friends for supporting us throughout this unprecedented year. We hope you keep up your spirits and positive energy to take into the new year!  A newsletter is in progress, will send it soon!

A few things to note:

  1. Book Launch Celebration coming up on January 9th 2021, at 11am PST. Speakers from all over the country as well as the UK will be attending!! Am so grateful that the book continues to be a bestseller- please add it to your holiday presents list!  Here is a link to sign up- it is free!! And there will be free giveaways! Legal Heroes Book Launch Party- A Celebration of Global Legal Heroes! Tickets, Sat, Jan 9, 2021 at 11:00 AM | Eventbrite
  2. I have a new author website and Facebook page- hope you will follow! Website:  And, bringing all my activities together in one Facebook page!  Checkout all the recent podcast shows I have appeared on as a guest!  Please do ‘like’ and follow. Tahmina Watson-Author/Activist | Facebook
  3. We have a rocking team at Watson Immigration Law- we lost our 15 year office space to Covid (our landlord have to fold); we have heightened stress because of the incessant policy changes; we have been playing Covid musical chairs as to who is in the office and when- it has been a year to remember! But the team has been amazing while delivering incredible services to our clients who are suffering equally with all types of Covid-related stresses. A huge thank you to our team!
  4. I’ll be starting to narrate my book for releasing an audio version this holiday break!! I even have a makeshift closet-recording-studio!! I will share photos in the newsletter. Am very excited!

We wish you all the very best!

On behalf of all of us at Watson Immigration Law,