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Woo Woo Working Women: An Interview with Tahmina Watson

It is an honored to be interviewed by Michelle Bogorad, founder of Woo Woo Working Women.  Michelle has a wonderful definition of Woo Woo Working Women on her website. I am honored to be included on her list! Here is the definition:

“What Is A Woo-Woo Working Woman?

A woo woo working woman believes in living a high-vibrancy personal and professional life.  She strives to balance professional ambitions with spiritual and wellness practices.  This woman in on a never-ending journey of learning, expansion, awakening and celebration. She knows that strengthening the emotional, energetic and physical body are all equally important in order to achieve her vision of a fulfilling life. She is the agent, artisan, and alchemist of her success and, in turn, the success of the communities around her. 

She is attuned to her own larger purpose, needs and goals.  That connection propels her forward toward great achievement in her personal and professional endeavors.  She doesn’t fear trying something new to expand her soul and build her energetic toolbox. Authenticity and alignment are on the daily to-do list right beside business meetings and tasks.  Energetic skills such as intuition and manifestation are equally honed alongside career skills such as project-management or effective business communications.”

And here is a link to the interview:  A huge thanks to Michelle for finding me and including me on her list of inspiring women!