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Breaking: Public Charge Rule – Case Dismissed By US Supreme Court

Breaking: The US Supreme Court today dismissed a lawsuit in which the troubling ‘public charge’ rule was to be litigated. In other words, this action will now allow the public charge rule to be eliminated.  This is one of the most welcome news in a post-Trump era.  It has plagued the life of every s immigration lawyer and every individual filing for a green card since February 2020.  The work we have to do is not yet eliminated yet but it seems the end should be near.

We will write more soon. In the meantime, here are some links:

The Supreme Court docket: Search – Supreme Court of the United States

And here is news link from NBC news: Biden administration ditches Trump plan to limit immigration for those financially dependent on government (

We applaud the Biden administration for it’s clear leadership on what is right and reasonable.