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Legal Heroes Audio Book Released!

I am so happy to share that my Legal Heroes book is finally out! I gasped when it appeared on Audible, Nook, Apple and other platforms!!

I could not have done this without my editors Lornet Turnbull, Alex Stonehill and Caroline Doughty.

A book is a production, as I have learned, and there are so many people involved, I thank everyone for their help in bringing this project to completion.

A huge thank you to every legal hero who allowed me to share their inspiring work. Fiona McEntee, Erin Albanese, Traci Feit Love, Jill Brunner Scott, Shelly Garzon, Takao Yamada, Michele Storms, Aneelah Afzali, Joan Tierney, Margaret O’Donnell, Matt Adams, Drew Caputo and WA Attorney General Bob Ferguson.  There are many legal heroes that I couldn’t highlight, but I pay tribute to them all.

And, finally, in honor of this final step in the book journey, here is the final podcast episode in the series with our one and only superhero attorney general Bob Ferguson.

Legal Heroes Audiobook