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Breaking: Immigration Reform Provisions Released by the Judiciary Committee

A short while ago this morning, the House Judiciary Committee released the immigration provisions that will be part of the reconciliation bill. This is an exciting moment as there is real promise in the bill passing. I will write more soon as I read the details more carefully, here are the headlines and here is a link to the document:


  1. Path to green card applications (legal permanent residence) for certain non-citizens including those who served in the military, have TPS, are essential workers in line with Covid19 guidelines.
  2. Unused visas will be recaptured for family-based and employment-based categories from 1992-2021
  3. DV lottery numbers will be recapture.
  4. USCIS will be amply funded to ensure the agency can handle the above work.

These will be effective starting May 1, 2022 or 180 days when the bill passes, whichever is earlier.

Details to come soon. Wanted to ensure you got this!

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