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DHS Guidelines for Enforcement Actions in or Near Protected Areas

DHS released Guidelines for Enforcement Actions in or Near Protected Areas on October 27, 2021. Learn more from the guidelines linked here.

Copied from DHS: 

II. Protected Areas
Whether an area is a “protected area” requires us to understand the activities that take place
there, the importance of those activities to the well-being of people and the communities of which they are a part, and the impact an enforcement action would have on people’s willingness to be in the protected area and receive or engage in the essential services or activities that occur there. It is a determination that requires the exercise of judgment.

The following are some examples of a protected area. The list is not complete. It includes
only examples:
• A school, such as a pre-school, primary or secondary school, vocational or trade school,
or college or university.
• A medical or mental healthcare facility, such as a hospital, doctor’s office, health clinic,
vaccination or testing site, urgent care center, site that serves pregnant individuals, or
community health center.
• A place of worship or religious study, whether in a structure dedicated to activities of
faith (such as a church or religious school) or a temporary facility or location where
such activities are taking place.

• A place where children gather, such as a playground, recreation center, childcare center,
before- or after-school care center, foster care facility, group home for children, or
school bus stop.
• A social services establishment, such as a crisis center, domestic violence shelter,
victims services center, child advocacy center, supervised visitation center, family
justice center, community-based organization, facility that serves disabled persons,
homeless shelter, drug or alcohol counseling and treatment facility, or food bank or
pantry or other establishment distributing food or other essentials of life to people in
• A place where disaster or emergency response and relief is being provided, such as
along evacuation routes, where shelter or emergency supplies, food, or water are being
distributed, or registration for disaster-related assistance or family reunification is
• A place where a funeral, graveside ceremony, rosary, wedding, or other religious or
civil ceremonies or observances occur.
• A place where there is an ongoing parade, demonstration, or rally.