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Make 2022 The Year of Love – Tahmina Watson

What’s Love Got To Do With it?

I am often asked how I do so much- from running my law firm to writing multiple bookscolumnspodcasts, and more. The answer is that I generally don’t stop to think about these things, to be honest. I just ‘do’.

But I stopped to think about it recently. And I realized what fuels my fire is- love. My love for humanity and my love for helping people. We all do that to varying degrees. But boiling it all down to ‘love’ took some time to figure out.

Let’s face it- each of us has 24 hours in the day. There’s so much to do in those 24 hours. How do you spread love when you are stressed about getting a zillion things done?

My suggestion is to spend time loving yourself.

Loving yourself is the foundation to loving others. Simple, right?

But it is easier said than done. We are the biggest critiques of ourselves. Turning that critique into pure love takes a lot of work. I am still working on it. But here’s a suggestion:

Spend a few minutes a day quietly with yourself- taking some deep breaths. Start with one minute. I know you can find one minute for yourself. Yes, you can! Set a timer on your phone if that helps. I love Insight Timer, an app that is free to use on your phone. Check it out.

As 2021 comes to an end, I do not doubt that 2022 will likely feel just as chaotic, just as stressful. This pandemic seems relentless and has magnified local, domestic, and international complexities. Yet, there is only so much you can do at an individual level. But you can do more than you think.

Being kind to yourself and bringing loving-kindness to every person you meet and everything you touch will have a positive ripple effect.

Give it a try. Make 2022 the year of love.

-Tahmina Watson