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Tahmina Watson Quoted in Article “New U.S. immigration rules spur more visa approvals for STEM workers”

In this article published on December 27, 2023, WIL’s very own Tahmina Watson and friend of WIL Doug Rand were quoted on her thoughts regarding USCIS and recent positive trends for foreign-born workers in STEM fields in the United States regarding visa approvals and green card applications.

The article mentions the increase in O-1A visas, a temporary visa for individuals with extraordinary abilities, and STEM EB-2 visas with a “national interest” waiver for those with advanced STEM degrees. The data from USCIS reveals significant jumps in these visa approvals following guidance changes in January 2022.

The adjustments provide clearer criteria for applicants, particularly in the O-1A category, and allow self-sponsorship for the national interest waiver under the EB-2 visa. The excerpt includes insights from immigration attorneys and individuals who have benefited from these changes, emphasizing the potential for fostering innovation and startups.

The broader context involves efforts by President Biden to make it easier for foreign-born STEM workers to contribute to the U.S. economy, while also acknowledging the existing limits on annual employment-based green cards.