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Tahmina Watson Quoted in New Reason Article “New York Wants to Help More International Students Become Entrepreneurs”

Watson Immigration Law’s very own Tahmina Watson was quoted in a newly published Reason article by Fiona Harrigan titled “New York Wants to Help More International Students Become Entrepreneurs“.

The article goes over how New York Gov. Kathy Hochul has proposed a plan to address the challenge of retaining international students after graduation.

The plan includes creating university-sponsored visas for certain graduate and doctoral students, allowing them to continue research and commercialize their work within the state. Hochul’s initiative also involves offering competitive grants to research universities and colleges through the state economic development agency to retain international entrepreneurs who would otherwise leave New York to start companies abroad.

The aim is to harness the the entrepreneurial potential of international students, particularly those in STEM fields, and boost economic growth in the state.

In the article, Tahmina emphasizes the need for state-centric immigration policies, like New York’s plan, to address the lack of a national “startup visa” for international students. She suggests that in the absence of comprehensive immigration reform at the federal level, states should take the initiative to create programs facilitating innovation and economic growth b allowing certain graduate and doctoral students to obtain university-sponsored visas, enabling them to continue their research and entrepreneurial activities within the state.

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