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Tahmina Watson is proud to be a Mentor at SelectUSA Global Women in Tech

I am so proud share that I am a mentor for SelectUSA’s Select Global Women in Tech Mentorship Network.

I am passionate about making a meaningful impact on women entrepreneurs looking to bring their businesses to the United States.

Over the years, I have had the privilege of helping some very special and talented women expand their businesses or enter the US market. Those ‘power women’ (you know who you are!!) are now some of my dearest friends. We cheer each other on and support each other well beyond immigration. In fact, we are writing about them in our Watson Immigration Law PLLC newsletter (let me know if you want to be added to our newsletter)

I’ve written about some of them in my column and here are a couple of articles- but there are more- you can read my Above the Law column here-

Love is Boomerang:

Through Tears And Laughter, Celebrating America With My Clients

I cannot wait to meet the 2024 hashtag#SGWIT mentees! And, find me if you are attending too!!

SelectUSA Jasjit Singh John D. Breidenstine Clarissa Bonillas Erin Finnegan Thomas, CMP U.S. Department of Commerce

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