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EB2 for Entrepreneurs (and high skilled immigrant workers) explained:

The govt. announced two days ago that new policy is introduced to enable entrepreneurs to apply for visas. The idea is to facilitate investment, job creation and development of the economy.  Watson Immigration Welcomes this news as an interim solution and applauds the govt. for its pragmatic steps in working with the existing system for speedier improvement to the current immigration shortfalls for entrepreneurs.

While this is a good solution until hopefully a potential EB6 visa is introduced, many of my clients who are of Indian and Chinese origin will not be able to benefit from it. The visa backlog for India and China remain long and frustrating.

Nevertheless, it is a step in the right direction.   Essentially, there are 2 options: EB2 with a Permanent Labor Certification and EB2 with a National Interest Waiver.   I am hopeful that some of my clients will be able to benefit from this new policy soon.  Here is a link to what USCIS has posted on their website. Please also see yesterday’s post on this issue for H1b and EB5 policy updates.

More from me to follow on this issue next week, stay tuned!