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Immigrant Entrepreneurs Must be Included in Immigration Executive Action

Not a day goes by in the US that an immigrant entrepreneur’s contributions are not making a deep  and lasting impact.  Watch the below video from the Partnership for a New American Economy to see how immigrant inventors’ inventions are used in your daily life.  At this unique juncture with imminent executive action announcements, where[…]

Tahmina Mentioned in CNNMoney

Thank you to CNN and Reporter Sara O’Brian for reporting on an issue that I care so deeply about and mentioning my work. My regular readers will know how strongly I feel about these issues. The article highlights the frustration that I and many of my colleagues face helping startups get visas. Hope this will shed light[…]

We Need Better Immigration Policies for Startups and Entrepreneurs

 We Need Better Immigration Policies for Startups and Entrepreneurs – Tahmina Watson “USCIS intends to revoke your H-1B visa because we have discovered you are a co-founder.” Yes. That is indeed what my client learned one morning.  USCIS learned during the renewal process of my client’s previously approved H-1B case that he was an original[…]

Workshop: H1b & the StartUp

As part of our Start-up Law Talk workshop series, our next workshop is on H1b visas. The event will take place next Monday January 14th 2013 from 5:30 – 8:30pm at The Eastside Incubator work space: 2711 152nd Ave NE Building No. 6, Redmond, WA 98052. At the workshop we will be covering the following[…]

Why We need Startup Visa laws for Immigrant Entrepreneurs

Why We need Startup Visa laws for Immigrant Entrepreneurs –          Tahmina Watson, immigration attorney With the recent election, America’s voters have placed renewed trust in President Obama, and immigration remains a hot topic.  In the days following the election, there was already chitter-chatter about comprehensive immigration reform in 2013. Wouldn’t that be great! I will[…]

H1b visas for entrepreneurs (self-employed H1b visa)

The announcement made by USCIS on August 2, 2011 is a significant step in helping entrepreneurs create companies and jobs in the United States.  The government’s new policy now allows entrepreneurs with an ownership stake in their own companies, including sole employees, to obtain an H1b visa.  This a very big deal and significant shift in[…]

EB2 for Entrepreneurs (and high skilled immigrant workers) explained:

The govt. announced two days ago that new policy is introduced to enable entrepreneurs to apply for visas. The idea is to facilitate investment, job creation and development of the economy.  Watson Immigration Welcomes this news as an interim solution and applauds the govt. for its pragmatic steps in working with the existing system for speedier[…]