November 2017 Visa Bulletin

The November 2017 Visa Bulletin was released this morning. Most notably, the potentially monthly movement was less than anticipated in the October 2017 visa bulletin. November 2017 For all countries except India, China, Philippines, and Mexico: F2A category priority date advances 24 days to 15 November 2015, F2B preference advances 7 days to a PD of[…]

Visa Guru Charlie Oppenheim Agrees There Are Unused Visas

As many of my readers will know, over the summer there was much discussion about whether there were unused visas and whethey they could be recaptured.  Various newspapers had reported about 200,000 visas remain unused. The recaputuring of those visas would reduce the severe visa backlog.  Here is my article: Unused Visas- To Recapture or[…]

Why We Need Start-Up Visa Laws for Immigrant Entrepreneurs

 The below article was originally published on Watson Immigration Law Blog on December 5th. The article drew attention from Yahoo! News, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Boston Globe, International Business Times, San Jose Mercury News, LA Daily News,  and many other press outlets. The below version is slightly edited to include additional commentary about the national interest waiver option for[…]

Why We need Startup Visa laws for Immigrant Entrepreneurs

Why We need Startup Visa laws for Immigrant Entrepreneurs –          Tahmina Watson, immigration attorney With the recent election, America’s voters have placed renewed trust in President Obama, and immigration remains a hot topic.  In the days following the election, there was already chitter-chatter about comprehensive immigration reform in 2013. Wouldn’t that be great! I will[…]

Visa Office Update on Priority Dates and Demand (Updated 6/28/12)

Copied from AILA: (I have made pertinent EB2 information in bold) Cite as “AILA InfoNet Doc. No. 12012349 (posted Jun. 28, 2012)” On Tuesday, June 19, 2012, Roberta Freedman, AILA Students & Scholars Committee member, discussed the Visa Bulletin, visa demand in the employment preference categories, and predictions for FY2012 and beyond with Charlie Oppenheim[…]

February 2012 visa bulletin commentary

The February 2012 visa bulletin was released today.  Here’s the pertinent information most of my readers are looking for: For all countries except India, China, Philippines, and Mexico: F2A preference has advanced 48 days to priority date (PD) 8 June 2009 and F2B preference has advanced 38 days to 15 October 2003; F4 moves forward[…]

Debate for Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act (Updated 10/27/11) coming up soon.

I am frequently faced with complex questions regarding immigrants, particularly employment-based immigrants, who are waiting in an immigration-blackhole for years. There was some activitiy in the below bill today which intends to reduce such waiting times. – Tahmina (Copied from AILA) H.R. 3012, the Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act, introduced on September 22, 2011 by[…]