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Special Announcement: Coming soon- Tahmina's Book- The Startup Visa!

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: It is with great pride and excitement that I announce the forthcoming publication of my first ever book! “The Startup Visa- Key to Job Growth and Economic Prosperity in America” Foreword written by the one and only Vivek Wadhwa and edited by Lornet Turnbull, preeminent journalist and former immigration reporter at The Seattle[…]

The SKILLS Visa Act- Entrepreneur Visa – House (of cards?)

The SKILLS Visa Act- Entrepreneur Visa – House (of cards?) By, Tahmina Watson The SKILLS Visa Act that was reported out of House Committee recently, includes provisions for a Startup visa that is called “Entrepreneur Visa”.  Here are my chart, summary and thoughts on the provisions: Called EB-8 visa, the bill will create a two[…]

Tahmina to Speak on Startup Visa/EB6 visa at ‘Invest in America’ Conference in Miami

It is with great honor that I accept an invitation to speak about the potential EB6 visa at a conference organized by the Minority Chambers of Commerce Miami. The conference will be held in Miami, Florida on August 2nd, 2013.  I am honored to have beeen invited alongside some eminent and distinguished personalities in the[…]

Senator Moran Files Amendments To The Invest Visa Provisions For Senate Floor (Startup Act/X-visa/EB6)

Senator Moran has been a champion and advocate for jump starting the economy through the Startup Visa Act. He introduced the Startup Act in past years and has worked relentlessly to make it a reality.  As we have seen, the Startup Visa Act provisions were included in the broader bill for comprehensive immigration reform.  Now[…]

Startup Visa Act (Invest Visa) workshop a success!

On Monday May 13, 2013, our Startup Law Talk workshop was on the Startup Act/Invest Visa provisions. We had a good turn out and a really lively discussion!! Members of the local startup community joined us to learn about the provisions and discuss the details. I learned more about the business of being a startup.[…]

StartUpLawTalk Workshop: Invest Visa Provisions- Come Discuss!

Calling all immigrant entrepreneurs! Come discuss the Invest Visa (Startup Visa Act) provisions! See below. STARTUP ACT (INVEST VISA) PROVISIONS RELEASED! LEARN HOW IT AFFECTS YOU! May 13,2013 –     Time: 5:30 pm – 8:00 pm A bill for Comprehensive Immigration reform “The Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act” was released two weeks ago. […]

Invest Visa (Startup Visa) Provisions – Here comes the analysis!

This article is a working document and will be updated as I continue my analysis, discuss with my colleagues and other start-up business owners. Please revisit us to see if the article has been updated. Thank you for reading.  Invest Visa (Startup Visa) Provisions – Here comes the analysis! On April 17, 2013, a new[…]

Canada launches its very own Startup Visa Act today!

 My readers may recall that I revealed what makes me very envious these days- that is the Start-Up Visa Act by Canada.  Today is the day the Canadian Start-Up Visa Act will launch.   Start-Up visa candidates will partner with local financial investors and mentors to obtain Canadian visas.  There are 2,750 visas reserved for[…]

The Startup Visa Act 2013- My Comments Part 1

The Startup Visa Act of 2013- my comments Part 1 The Text of the above bill was finally published this week having been introduced on January 30 2013.  As my regular readers will know, I am an avid advocate of the Startup Visa Act and have been following the various versions that have come before[…]

Obama on Immigration at the State of Union Speech 2013- “Let’s Get It Done!”

“Let’s get it done!”  That’s what our President said about comprehensive immigration reform in his State of the Union speech tonight. He said that America remains a place where people can make something of themselves and that we should welcome striving immigrants. He said that right now leaders all  agree time has come to pass[…]