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Canada launches its very own Startup Visa Act today!

Startup Act Blog pic My readers may recall that I revealed what makes me very envious these days- that is the Start-Up Visa Act by Canada.  Today is the day the Canadian Start-Up Visa Act will launch.   Start-Up visa candidates will partner with local financial investors and mentors to obtain Canadian visas.  There are 2,750 visas reserved for this 5-year pilot program. 

Canada’s win is indeed our loss.  Canada will gain new job creation and boost to their economy- exactly what we need in the US.  It would not surprise me, if those who are fed up of the lack of action in the US, apply for this visa in Canada.

I sincerely hope that the immigration bill promised to be revealed in a week or two for immigration reform will address the Start-Up Act issues and create a visa for the brilliant minds who want to stay in the US- that is, if we haven’t lost everyone to Canada already!